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My name is Débora Pedroso, I am wheelchair, Rio and living in Florida / USA since 2006.


sindrome guillain barreAt 10 he stopped walking from night to day, I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system attacks parts of the nervous system by mistake, this leads to inflammation of the nerves that causes weakness muscle. If you’re curious and want to understand more about this disease, CLICK HERE

At 17 I started to practice wheelchair basketball coming to play in the national team and in 2006 I decided to move to the US. My rehabilitation and adaptation wheelchair of life through sport was fantastic (and necessary) and recommend it to everyone: Let them seek associations in your state that has any kind of adapted sports, it is important to socialize and leave home, you will learn a lot !

With so much experience through adapted sports and contact with so many other disabled people, I became more independent, I realized I could not keep all this knowledge and experience just for me, it should show everyone, especially for wheelchair users who have not yet They accepted his condition as life can be too soft in a wheelchair. So I decided to create my website www.viagemacessivel.com where in addition to sharing these years of experience in wheelchair in adapted sports, I also share with all my walks, show the adapted places and joy of living in a country where the right to go come and is respected and equal for all, the United States.


The main idea is to spread videos and texts my tours and all the accessibility to find my way. I think it can be of great help to other countries having as a parameter a developed country and realize that having an affordable country is not so hard, just the rulers look at us with respect and good will.

deb2016So if you come here, help me to spread this site. See next to (or at the end if I was in the cell) options for: SIGNING MY BLOG, LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE TO ME, ENJOY ON FACEBOOK AND DISCLOSE IN THEIR NETWORKS. You will receive a notification whenever there is news here. Thank you!

I am also a web designer and independent distributor 4Life company. Know this other project by clicking HERE

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