About Debora

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Debora is from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil and lives in Dania Beach-FL since 2006. When she was 10 years old contracted a virus called GUILLAMBARRÉ SYNDROME that paralysed her legs.

At 17 years old she started practicing basketball in a wheelchair getting to play in the Brazilian national team. In 2006 she decided to move to the US to live her love story.

Debora is a web designer and an independent distributor for4Life company.

So much experience through adapted sports and contact with many other disabled people made her a lot more independent. She wants to share with everyone the experience of living in the US and traveling around the world.

With all the facilities designed for wheelchairs in many countries, travel is easy and if the wheelchair user has the correct information, he/she can enjoy the journey  like everyone else. We aim to provide you with a lot of information and tips through our website.

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